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More great press coverage.

We’ve been getting some very good reviews of late, (and very grateful for them we are.) The latest, in the illustrious organ that is Whisky Magazine no less. In issue 64, an article entitled ‘Sheep Dip Returns’ Editor Ian Buxton describes us as a whisky that ‘stands out from the flock.’Read more here.

On the road again.

Ah 2007, the Summer of Love. Well it is if you love Sheep Dip & Pigs Nose, because we’ll be travelling all over the country to some of the UK’s top Agricultural Shows and Game Fairs spreading the spirit Spencerfield. And of course, allowing everyone we meet the opportunity to sample our illustrious flagship brands. Continue reading..

Nice write up from our US Importer of Sheep Dip & Pigs Nose.

Admiral, our New Jersey based US Importer & distributor has got a lovely write up on Sheep Dip & Pigs Nose on their web site. You can read more here.

The Wall Street Journal. (Almost.)

Eric Felten, the venerable Wall Street Journal’s reporter of the booze and bars beat, rang Alex recently to get his view on the Vatted/Blended stromash. And a very nice chat it was too, with Alex providing Eric with his take on the issue. Unfortunately, (because Eric only had old product), Alex’s insights and qoutes didn’t make Continue reading..

Another Scottish Export down to England.

Here’s an interesting export story from today’s Scotsman. One of the country’s most admired master-distillers has upped sticks and moved south to oversee the creation of a new distillery. Mr Henderson said: “I must admit I took up the invitation to come south with some trepidation. But I was completely intrigued by what they are Continue reading..