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Burns Supper: January 25th.

Find out more about NCH Scotland, the children’s charity Find out more about Considering the ingredients of a Haggis, (particularly the casing) isn’t Sheep Dip the perfect whisky to accompany a Real Burns Supper? We think so. (Well we would wouldn’t we?) With the great date, for the great man looming, we thought some Continue reading..

Fame at last.

“George? …who’s George”…please get in touch, George. George kindly sent Paul O’Grady a mini Sheep Dip and a mini Pigs Nose explaining that his friend on Skye put his longevity down to a Pigs Nose each morning and a Sheep Dip each night …. please try this at home

Don’t try this at home.

Brian McGregor, head of Art at new, hot, Edinburgh creative consultancy mightysmall sent me the above illustration. It’s has been suggested that the daring young chap on this cover, from a 1950′s French farming magazine, is non-other than a young Alex Nicol. The truth of this, I couldn’t possibly say, but I suppose the only Continue reading..


‘Badvertising’ is the category Kevin over at the Scotch Blog puts this new campaign from Canadian Club into. His post is well worth a read, as are some of the hilarious, ‘helpful suggestions’ for additional headlines in the campaign in the comments section of Kevins post. A couple of observations raised here at Spencerfield when Continue reading..

More kind words.

Thanks Nev, you’re a gent.

WhiskyFest NY:

Alex is in New York this week and will be at the WhiskyFest tonight. The Malt Advocate magazine’s 10th Annual WhiskyFest is from 6:30 to 10:00 pm (last pour at 9:30 pm) and should prove to be a cracking evening. With an amazing line-up of brand owners, distillery managers and master blenders from Scotland, Ireland Continue reading..

Kind words:

This from Jamie following last week’s Whisky Tasting:

Swedish Malt Whisky

Here’s an interesting concept. A new malt whisky distillery, in, er, Sweden. (Or Destilleri as the Swedes would say.) Beautiful building, a turn-of-the-century powerstation. Hope the whisky does it justice. Found via the ever watchful WhiskyGrotto.

Coverage in Whisky Pages.

The venerable and very well informed online magazine Whisky Pages wrote a nice piece about us this week. Providing it’s readers with an outline of Spencerfield, a mini-bio of Alex and a decent tasting review of Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose. You can read the article yourself, on the website here:

It’s a tie!

Sheep Dip ties from the 1970′s, clubs sprang up around the world where people would get together and drink “Sheep Dip” they could have a certificate and a tie !. We have one and only one, retro fashion strikes back!.