Spencerfield Spirit Christmas Cake


November 22, 2011 – 3:39 pm by Jane

Check out the the fabulous Christmas cake recipe on Real Food Festivals website.


I may seem a little old-fashioned in that I don’t use a mixer but
make my cake in a big mixing bowl – most modern mixers aren’t
big enough to accommodate the ingredients of a big Christmas
cake anyway, and it’s such a pain washing them. Our children
have always liked to be included in any cake-making – it’s the
thrill of taking lots of different things and creating something
else. And indeed how else will they learn to cook? I use an Aga,
so I just pop the cake in the bottom oven and leave it to cook
for 2½ or 3 hours. Then I take it out and test it by sticking
a knitting needle into the cake.


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