Down under


February 15, 2009 – 12:08 pm by Jane

Snow, artic temperatures, a severe case of builders and itchy feet of late have proved too much for Alex and he’s headed south for some sunshine.

Firstly, to meet with Andy Skene our agent at Spirit of Scotland in Singapore where our first delivery of Sheep Dip and Pigs Nose has just arrived….then on to Sydney on 18th, Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane on the road with the boys and visiting as many bars and bottle shops as possible- Southtrade International in Sydney can advise his itinerary if you have a moment for a dram with him. We have been horrified by the reports of bush-fires and deaths and send our sincere sympathies to all those of you touched by these events. Over to NZ on 27th to Auckland and back by Hong Kong on 5th before he heads across the pond to USA.

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