Monthly Archives: August 2007

Coverage in Whisky Pages.

The venerable and very well informed online magazine Whisky Pages wrote a nice piece about us this week. Providing it’s readers with an outline of Spencerfield, a mini-bio of Alex and a decent tasting review of Sheep Dip and Pig’s Nose. You can read the article yourself, on the website here:

An orphan brand and proud of it.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal no less, wrote about us. (Only registered subscribers can access the wsj, but you can see the full story here.)

Glenmorangie Revamp.

Much debate has gone on in the Scottish press over the last week, with particular emphasis on the ownership of whisky companies, and the consequences of this ownership. Within this debate the changes to the iconic Glenmorangie label have, not unsurprisingly, generated a fairly emotional response. This was a particularly interesting topic for me as Continue reading..

It’s a tie!

Sheep Dip ties from the 1970′s, clubs sprang up around the world where people would get together and drink “Sheep Dip” they could have a certificate and a tie !. We have one and only one, retro fashion strikes back!.

Trip down memory lane.

We found these fantastic old ledgers covered in dust in the Spencerfield vaults. We have some great old artifacts in our office particularly a range of old price lists from John E McPherson & Sons from 1908 to 1948,have a look! there’s some real gems in here. If you’d like to see more just point Continue reading..